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I know a lot about just about everything in your homes and businesses. I bring a lot to the table, and I am reasonably priced. I am not a youngster starting out! I am Seasoned in fixing and installing parts. If I don’t know, I will call and find out.

I look to handle what I know and refer the rest to qualified licensed contractors.
I handle the small to medium jobs

How Can I Help You?
This is what I Have in my wheelhouse.


Light Plumbing


Light Electrical




I handle my handyman jobs like I was doing it for my mother!

I pride myself on getting it done right the first time.

I am not fast for this reason.

But when it comes to work, I’m a bulldog to get the job done!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

The projects that I like to do!

I really like to do a lot of jobs, that is what makes it interesting. I weld wrought iron gates, redo wood gates, fences, door alignment problems, locks, whole doors. I fix draws, shelving, light plumbing, light electrical, ceiling fans, change out light bulbs too high to get at, plus a whole lot more.
Please ask!

“My Job Is To Make Your Life Easier And Better.”

Stephen Speregen


Stephen Speregen grew up in New York City and felt he was not cut out for a white collar job in an office cubicle. He liked being outdoors and not cooped up, not doing the same thing every day. Stephen worked doing electrical, plumbing, telephone installs, building furniture in offices and homes. (Ikea, and other in-a-box furniture systems). He has hung drywall, aluminum siding, gutters and painted. He was also an auto mechanic for 26 years and computer consultant for 19 years. A born engineer, Stephen sees things broken down to a schematic and can work on just about anything.

Business Hours

Monday- Friday
9:00am - 6:00pm
By appointment and I'm also available
for after hours Emergencies

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